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How to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of mahjong machine?

Time:2020-03-04 Views:48
Mahjong is an activity suitable for all ages. If there is no activity of the elderly, you can pass the war god mahjong machine to pass the time, or contact the feelings of friends.
Long term use of mahjong machine, mahjong machine maintenance, we often do not know how to deal with the maintenance of mahjong machine. Now we will analyze the maintenance method of mahjong machine.
Maintenance method of hemp machine
1. Mahjong machine maintenance. Environmental requirements
(1) Mahjong machine is electrical appliances, it is more afraid of moisture, should be placed in a dry, ventilated place.
(2) It can not be directly exposed to the sun, it will accelerate its aging and damage the internal parts.
(3) Mahjong machine should also be away from acid, alkali and other solvents, accidental impact, easy to corrode the surface.
(4) If you want to move the mahjong machine, please handle it gently. It is better to fix it in a position, not easy to move, easy to damage.
2 mahjong machine maintenance - routine maintenance
(1) Please continue to maintain the mahjong machine after cleaning. If it is used for a long time, there are some problems in some parts of mahjong machine, which may produce noise during operation. In the sliding part of the machine, it is generally possible to add proper amount of lubricating oil to the double sliding rod, horizontal sliding rod and lifting rod.
(2) A certain amount of grease must be added at the joint of the loose sleeve.
(3) Through the channel part of the brand, you can spray wax with Bili pearl, regularly scrub and clean.
(4) Each photoelectric switch should be cleaned with a small brush to prevent the sensitivity reduction caused by dust collection and affect the use effect.
(5) Clean the inner arm of the ring with gasoline, and finally wipe the water in the ring with a dry towel. If it is very wet, dry it with a blower.
(6) A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the dust inside the body.
3. Mahjong machine maintenance - routine maintenance
(1) When shuffling, if it is found that the motor and its mechanical parts are not flexible and slow, check one by one whether the chain motor pull card is smooth, whether the lifting rod is flexible, whether the folding mechanism is stacked, whether the push plate is correct, etc. After finding out the cause, repair or replacement of the corresponding small parts can be started.
(2) Shuffle, you can check in advance whether the light eye works normally. If the hidden danger is found, please solve it in time, do not delay.
(3) If the magnetism of the card is weakened, the large, medium and small guide plates are not smooth, and it feels stuck inside. First, check whether the conversion card is stuck. If yes, check whether the outlet of the card becomes smaller, which can be adjusted appropriately.
(4) Regular inspection of power supply and motor connectors can prevent various potential failures and avoid small problems in use.
This paper analyzes the maintenance of mahjong machine through the analysis of environmental requirements, daily maintenance and daily maintenance. The maintenance of mahjong machine can not be solved by single maintenance.
It pays attention to daily maintenance, as long as you pay attention to the usual use of small skills, you can limit the use of mahjong machine time, and maintain a new surface
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